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Fire Suppression Division

Ron Jahlas

Fire Chief
Matthew Majestic

Kurt Fechter

Asst. Fire Chief
Randy Vesper

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BJ Stapp

The Oxford Fire Department is an all-hazards Fire Department that provides fire protection and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of both Oxford Township and The Village of Oxford. The department operates out of 2 fire stations utilizing a combination of Full Time, Part-time, and paid on-call personnel. 


Full-time personnel are assigned to one of three battalions that work 24 hours per shift, seven days a week. Each shift is staffed with a minimum of 4 firefighter/paramedics.

The Fire Department operates under the administrative leadership of the Fire Chief and is supported by an Assistant Chief, Fire Marshal,  Fire Inspector, an EMS Coordinator, and an Office Coordinator.

The department shares a strong belief that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it from ever happening. Through a commitment to excellence and community risk reduction, the Fire Department emphasizes a strong fire prevention program to ensure the safety of the public. We also provide a variety of fire and life safety services including home and business inspections, fire cause and origin investigations, public education,  outreach, child safety seat inspections, and community first aid and CPR.


As we continually strive to provide quality customer service and continual improvement, we would like to thank you, the residents, and elected officials for the continued support of your Fire Department.

Fire Suppression Division
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